Okavango Heliport Experience

Experience the Majesty of the Okavango Delta from above

Get ready to soar above the untouched beauty of the Okavango Delta with our doors-off helicopter scenic flights. Located just 70km south of the Namibian Mohembo border, our heliport is your gateway to awe-inspiring aerial views.

The Western edges of the Okavango Delta are some of the wettest and most permanent parts that exist. These permanent swamps with their thick papyrus and reed beds, through which the deep channels flow, are a marvel to behold. These areas are the life blood to the rest of the delta and provide a home for a host of species. Hippos and crocodiles rule the waterways, as elephants crisscross the marshes between the islands in search of food. Red Lechwe also inhabits the islands of dry amongst the surrounding wetlands.

*Prices do not include transfer to the helicopter experience. You can arrange transportation yourself or be transported by Divava. Divava will take you to the border, where the third party will take you further.

Unforgettable Scenic Flights

A helicopter scenic allows you to get the bigger picture and see this incredible ecosystem branch out to create the Okavango Delta panhandle. All guests will be able to explore with a doors off window seat guaranteed for unrestricted photo and video opportunities over some of the most pristine and unreachable areas, as well as being provided with headsets for a truly guided experience.